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Welcome to Tidewater Interiors, Inc.

Tidewater Interiors, Inc. is an interior contractor located in Charleston, S.C. Our relentless pursuit of relationship building, coupled with an unequivocal amount of Interior contracting experience affords Tidewater Interiors an advantageous position in today's marketplace.

This allows us to provide a strong and safe haven for our employees, the total spectrum of goods and services for our customers and optimal buying capacity with our manufacturing partners.

Tidewater Interiors is committed to the long-term growth of our employees and to furthering the team aspect of our client relationships. With over 116 years of experience in the interior commercial construction business, the team at Tidewater Interiors has a solution to all your interior construction needs.

building insulation, gypsum drywall

About our Company

Tidewater Interiors was incorporated in 2001 By David Kreber. With an unprecedented growth in business during 2001 to 2003, David Kreber hired Zan Edens in the fall of 2004 as ownership partner and Vice President of Operations. During the challenging economic conditions from 2008 to 2011, Tidewater Interiors had to make tough personnel changes throughout the company to ensure future success for Tidewater Interiors employees, business partners, community and ownership. In December 2010, Zan Edens became sole owner and majority stockholder of Tidewater Interiors.